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Life at Sante Mernaud

The Sante Mernaud’s core philosophy is based on human values and continuous enrichment. Company passionately and aggressively pursues creating tangible and meaningful human resources.

Driven by passionate young minds, the company firmly believes that, offering challenges to young stake holders not only increases organizational capability & wealth but also creates entrepreneurs with dynamism and sustainable leadership.

Company through its people, continues to aggressively pursue its mission “HEALTHIER & RADIANT SKIN FOR EVERYONE'S RIGHT".

Sante Mernaud believes in collaborative and participative management. Sante Mernaud’s philosophy revolves around all round enrichment of its employees.

Benefits of Two Distinct Worlds

Sante Mernaud offers unique opportunity to learn combining best of two distinct environments. Our collaborations with the global multinationals has given us the access to cutting edge technology, products and at the same time Sante Mernaud being an young company offers the environment of a small unit, which means an opportunity for growth and learning are ample & continuous. We offer early challenges, and many a times early delegation.

Continuous Entrepreneurship: At Sante Mernaud we encourage and nurture continuous entrepreneurship along with creativity and innovation. We believe our work culture empowers every employee as an individual to lead by example and as a responsible stake holder of the company.

Management Trainee Programs for B-Students: Sante Mernaud is committed to developing young leaders, we offer unique learning opportunity to the willing minds to work on ‘live business projects’, joint learning sessions and on job apprenticeships / Internships.

Career: Career at Sante Mernaud offers continuous

  • Fast Track Growth
  • Attractive Remuneration
  • Timely Rewards
  • Career Enrichment
  • Entrepreneurship Learning

Salary & Benefits

Salaries, Allowances and other benefits in Sante Mernaud are comparable with the best in the industry and goes without saying one can additionally be rewarded if the performance is consistent and outstanding.

Sante Mernaud offers choice to get the cover of Group Mediclaim Policy, Group Accident Cover, PF, Gratuity. Sante Mernaud endeavors to provide to its employees and their dependents adequate financial protection on long term association.